Avant Qu’ils S’endorment (Unity)

My role(s) on this project : Game Designer, Gameplay Programmer & Network Programmer.
When the nature is dying and Occitanie is in perdition, a group of 4 individuals will do everything to save the situation; venturing from town to Occitan village, bringing hope on its way, our team must awaken the Occitan totems before they fall asleep completely, by taking advantage of the superb powers bestowed by these majestic guardians to save the world around them.

Immerse yourself in the heart of Occitan totem legends. Play the different trades of totem festival, such as the musician, the leader, the shouter or the carrier. Reflexion will be essential to solve the riddles and overcome the obstacles on your way. Reconnect Totems to their villages, invoke them and use their great powers. Awaken totems! Avant Qu’ils S’endorment !
Date : Août 2021
Author(s) : Lara Comoy, Aurélie Couraud, Phoebe, Pierre Richou, Corry Gomez, Guilhem Serrié
Trailer – Avant Qu’ils S’endorment