Guilhem Serrié

Student, 22 years old

Master Degree in Video Game – Arts Department
Paul Valéry University, Montpellier

Hi 🖐 I’m Guilhem Serrié, a native of the Réunion island. I’ve had a passion for video game conception since my childhood. I started as a self-taught in computer programming before getting a double degree in mathematics and computer science 💻 Then, I obtained a professional degree in video games and I’m currently pursuing my a Master’s degree in video game development 🎮

My Latests Projects

L'élégie d'Orphée

Immerse yourself in Orpheus’ quest through the underworld to free his beloved. Go and meet the emblematic personalities of Greek mythology through a card game where only your eloquence will allow you to convince these antagonists to let you continue your laudable quest.

Eurydice’s fate is in your hands.


This game was realized for the 2022 Global Game Jam which the theme was Duality. It tests your coordination and thinking through a 3D puzzle platformer.

My intention was to develope the best completed game with the challenge to take charge of the entire production (Prog, GD, LD, SD, 3D, VFX, etc.)

Avant Qu'ils S'endorment

Immerse yourself in the heart of Occitan totem legends. Play the different trades of totem festival, such as the musician, the leader, the shouter or the carrier. 

Reflexion will be essential to solve the riddles and overcome the obstacles on your way.

Reconnect Totems to their villages, invoke them and use their great powers. Awaken totems!!! Avant Qu’ils S’endorment !